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  • However, in some circumstances players will be especially cautious in match play.
  • Americans remained cautious about moving to a different state over this period.
  • He was cautious during the first rounds and received a cut over his left eye.
  • During these last years of power he still showed himself energetic but somewhat more cautious.
  • He was a cautious general with a great respect for the German war machine.
  • He's not cautious about anything he does on the field.
  • Though he got his teams to play good football he was meticulous and rather cautious.
  • There are times where his cautious nature makes him clash with his brothers.
  • AI was both more cautious and more successful than it had ever been.
  • We're cautious in the right sense of that term, in terms of who we work for.
  • In both cases, a cautious approach will probably do no harm, if there is doubt.
  • Italy also accepted a more cautious military strategy from this point on.
  • However, fearing a second attack, he became cautious and limited his appearances at public events.
  • People were cautious not to attract their attention, and did not go out late at night.
  • It was a safe answer; the president, after all, was a cautious man.
  • His attack involves silent and cautious movement and he attempts to use minimum force if possible.
  • The company also took its first cautious steps in China.
  • The two sides reach a cautious agreement to hunt down the ship.
  • Since that time, the country has made steady but cautious progress toward developing a market economy.
  • His view was that a more cautious approach was necessary.
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Meaning of cautious

  • adjective Showing careful forethought; never making swift decisions"
    reserved and cautious, a cautious driver