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  • This causes three of a kind to be more common than two pair.
  • Causes of death are different in different parts of the world.
  • This was said to have caused severe health problems among area residents.
  • Sources give no reasons to believe that his death occurred from causes other than natural.
  • This could cause problems when it became too dark to see properly.
  • You see our cause is just where the anti-slavery cause was for a long time. Cited from Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 1 of 2), by Ida Husted Harper
  • She spent several years in Germany, involved with various left-wing causes.
  • And this would cause many problems in the kingdom.
  • They caused a great impression about the princess and the power of her family.
  • This caused the pope to be recognized by all the great powers.
  • They can cause diseases and they can make their own food.
  • Death due to disease is called death by natural causes.
  • The cause of his death was not recorded.
  • He could easily have joined the anti-slavery cause if he had wished to do so.
  • These species were designed by God, but showing differences caused by local conditions.
  • Their stay in the United States did the anti-slavery cause great good. Cited from Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880, by George Washington Williams
  • This caused his work to be more concerned with particular problems rather than general situations.
  • This eventually caused a fire on set and the studios Fire Department arrived.
  • No animal shall kill any other animal without cause.
  • Blood loss is usually a secondary cause of death.
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Meaning of cause

  • noun Events that provide the generative force that is the origin of something
    they are trying to determine the cause of the crash
  • noun A justification for something existing or happening
    he had no cause to complain, they had good reason to rejoice
  • verb Give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally
    cause a commotion, make a stir, cause an accident