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  • This campus focuses on business and evening courses, thus catering to center city workers.
  • It was probably during her catering period when she invented and originally served benedictine.
  • They were the first trains in Australia to have at-seat catering.
  • The stand also contains the club offices, changing rooms, club shop, and catering facilities.
  • Features like catering, live music, or a DJ are available on these larger ships.
  • He played his people like a board game - catering to the private desires of different interest groups and playing off one interest against another.
  • The in-house catering department is capable of catering any size event for any needs.
  • Besides these, each sector has its own small shopping center catering to the day-to-day needs of the people.
  • Catering for the growth in population, new community facilities have been provided, including a library and a golf centre.
  • Throughout each year there are various annual music festivals in the town, catering for different kinds of music.
  • Student Central includes new sports facilities, catering outlets, study and support services.
  • Groups can pre-arrange catering in one of six private picnic areas inside the park.
  • The street soon prospered and there were over twenty public houses on it catering to its workers.
  • Some activities, such as construction, industry, catering or transport, usually have difficulties to find employees.
  • LSUS offers many night courses, catering to its non-traditional student population.
  • Charter services, usually catering for large parties, are also available from these and other operators.
  • The usual formal training period for a chef is two to four years in catering college.
  • These writers were catering to a white, middle class, British audience.
  • Several hardware stores also operate catering to the needs of the city's construction industry.
  • Some schools remain, as private schools catering largely for Protestant students.
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Root form of catering is cater for the verb.

Synonyms of catering

Meaning of catering

  • noun Providing food and services
  • verb Supply food ready to eat; for parties and banquets