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  • Groups can also be categorized according to the number of people present within the group.
  • One way we do this is by categorizing individuals into specific social groups.
  • People self-categorize at different levels that range from more personal to more social.
  • They can be categorized into two general types: hand-made and machine-made.
  • Stand age can also be used to categorize forest as old-growth.
  • One can generally categorize such training as on-the-job or off-the-job.
  • The social identity theory categorizes people into two groups, in-groups and out-groups.
  • To categorize is to do the right thing with the right kind of thing.
  • There is still not enough known information about the following shows to categorize the effects on them.
  • Subject areas each contain business activities, the steps within each business activity formed the categorized feature list.
  • They are categorized depending on what track and series that is being run.
  • There has been some confusion about how to categorize the many Indian music systems.
  • These women are then categorized as good women and bad women, respectively.
  • When a speaker has to name something, they first try to categorize it.
  • He takes time to categorize the different types of people he sees.
  • Their politics were such that they have sometimes been categorized as "left-wing".
  • The sites are categorized by their location in respect to modern-day US states.
  • These areas help to further categorize what kind of archive is being created.
  • The two studies cannot be compared against each other due to categorizing techniques being distinct in each study.
  • However, people had no way of categorizing it or speaking about it.
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Meaning of categorize

  • verb Place into or assign to a category
    Children learn early on to categorize