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  • The school is open to all young people in the local catchment area.
  • For management purposes the catchment area has been divided into ten smaller units.
  • English state-funded primary schools are almost all local schools with a small catchment area.
  • In addition to its own primary school, the village is in the catchment area for several schools.
  • Many of the boys come from the large catchment area to attend the school.
  • The catchment area for the health centre covers an area larger than France.
  • The island gets much of its water from three catchments set on the east side of the island.
  • The catchment area is still large, the town is important transport, economic and cultural center.
  • The university serves as a catchment area for students from this region and beyond.
  • However, in other parts of the catchment, urban development has had great impact.
  • There are two schools - primary and secondary - which act as a central point for a large catchment area.
  • These result largely from the mainly urban character of the upper catchment.
  • The school still attracts many students from many schools both within and outside the catchment area.
  • This site was chosen due to its central location within the revised catchment area.
  • Much of the catchment has also been used for commercial forestry during the last hundred years.
  • Thus, it forms an extremely important catchment area for both these rivers.
  • Another reason is the schools acceptance of several children from outside the schools catchment area.
  • The center has a very big catchment area for business.
  • Overall the catchment area is one seventh of Australia's total land mass.
  • With the growth of the park, the catchment area grew as well.
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Meaning of catchment

  • noun A structure in which water is collected (especially a natural drainage area)