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  • Info Catalysis is the increase in the rate of a chemical reaction due to the participation of an additional substance called a catalyst. more...
  • In the chemical industry and the industrial research, catalysis play an important role.
  • Base catalysis can also be employed in the former case.
  • The information showed that an acid/base was necessary for catalysis to occur.
  • There is no need for metal-based catalysis thus making a contribution to green chemistry.
  • He is now the most-often cited person in the fields of surface chemistry and catalysis.
  • Another way that can be formed is through catalysis by metals in the fuel.
  • He is best known for his research of catalysis in chemistry.
  • One is the active site, which is involved in catalysis.
  • Afterwards he became the head of the department which studied unsteady state processes in catalysis.
  • It has no prosthetic groups and its role in catalysis is unknown.
  • Upon catalysis, this complex breaks down to release product P and free enzyme.
  • Some authors suggest that they may eventually find applications in electronics and as catalysis.
  • These tightly bound molecules are usually found in the active site and are involved in catalysis.
  • I don't believe we'll be able to build up enough mass to insulate against their negative catalysis ray. Cited from The Black Star Passes, by John W Campbell
  • Surface science is of particular importance to the field of heterogeneous catalysis.
  • These domains must interact with one another in order for catalysis to occur.
  • Or was it her brother's presence, that, serving somehow to take off the edge, worked a mysterious catalysis? Cited from Mary Wollaston, by Henry Kitchell Webster
  • These computational methods are also currently used to understand how enzymes affect catalysis.
  • None of the eukaryote-specific protein elements is close enough to directly participate in catalysis.
  • They've found the secret of catalysis, and can actually synthesize any catalytic agent they want. Cited from Islands of Space, by John W Campbell
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Meaning of catalysis

  • noun Acceleration of a chemical reaction induced the presence of material that is chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction
    of the top 50 commodity chemicals, 30 are created directly by catalysis and another 6 are made from raw materials that are catalytically produced