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  • She had suffered no casualties to her crew until lost with all hands.
  • It was a victory over a larger force, but it also came with high casualties.
  • The fighting between the two sides was brief, with few casualties on either side.
  • In five days the German attack had advanced for a loss of against casualties.
  • One of the first casualties was the town's only fire engine.
  • More casualties were suffered in this attack than in any other single incident in the war.
  • Her casualties were significant; eight men were killed and another eight wounded.
  • British casualties were not revealed but were believed to have been high.
  • Neither side advanced much, but both sides suffered hundreds of thousands of casualties.
  • The most direct action is to stop the boat immediately, very near to the casualty.
  • Conditions of work were very poor, with a high casualty rate from rock falls.
  • The five-week war caused thousands of casualties on both sides.
  • They have to make initial emergency report then lead the fight against the casualty.
  • Spanish casualties are listed as just under one thousand dead.
  • That casualty count, originally reported as above, was subsequently changed by the news media.
  • They also suffered heavy casualties as enemy fire set off the explosives they were working with.
  • However, the advance over the last proved very slow and casualties mounted.
  • The casualty rate among officers is particularly high at the front.
  • There were other casualties after the war, mostly due to land mines.
  • Previously such a battle would have lasted months with many hundreds of thousands of casualties.
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Meaning of casualty

  • noun Someone injured or killed or captured or missing in a military engagement
  • noun Someone injured or killed in an accident
  • noun A decrease of military personnel or equipment