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  • Due to its running time, the film had to be released on two cassettes.
  • Much of this material was also available on cassette in later years.
  • Perhaps the success of the cassettes brought about the need for formal music education.
  • The original cassette release contains the entire album on each side.
  • But on a cassette if you just move the people, it does.
  • I had a cassette player and I'd run over and get it recorded.
  • These cassettes remained under the same name, but the volume numbers changed.
  • Information about all the fields all over the world is available through audio and video cassettes.
  • The album consists of eight songs, but the last two songs were featured in the cassettes only.
  • So far, only the first series has been released on BBC audio cassette.
  • The cassette quickly found use in the commercial music industry.
  • Each side contained five songs, in a different order than the CD/cassettes.
  • It is a popular digital video cassette format for broadcast television use.
  • The group's work initially resulted in a self-released cassette.
  • A very small number of cassettes of this album were produced.
  • During this period she released several limited-run cassettes and a full-length album called Journey of Voice.
  • All tracks can be found on the self-titled cassette release.
  • At that time he started releasing cassettes and his career took off.
  • We used to bring cassettes home as our listening from the studio.
  • It has a large number of audio and video cassettes on various subjects.
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  • noun A container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video