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  • Many people moved into the forest carving out areas of land for their own use.
  • Stone has been used for carving since ancient times for many reasons.
  • Notable for a project of such size, no workers died during the carving.
  • It was after the success at this show he began wood carving as a full-time career.
  • The rock carvings and paintings can be divided into four main time period.
  • At night he would help his father in the wood carving.
  • In his free time he used every minute for drawing, painting, and wood carving.
  • Carvings of animals and other characters typically represent characters or events in a story.
  • Its carvings tell the story of the family or clan who own them.
  • Wood-carving usually provided the only income for the people living there.
  • Larger pieces are generally made only by the better carving families.
  • At this spot, there are rock carvings done by the men who worked on the track.
  • During the covering a large amount of new rock carvings were found.
  • All the carvings are done in more than one level.
  • A carving above the entrance shows one of the company's cars.
  • Some pieces of the outer walls remain sitting next to the church with carvings on them.
  • The temple also houses a museum of ancient wall paintings, wood carvings and art pieces of ancient times.
  • On the upper surface are two relief carvings of human feet.
  • The carvings round the side tell of various episodes in the lives of the imperial couple.
  • He recognized the possibility of carving out an empire for himself in Italy.
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Root form of carving is carve for the verb.

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Meaning of carving

  • noun A sculpture created by removing material (as wood or ivory or stone) in order to create a desired shape
  • noun Removing parts from hard material to create a desired pattern or shape
  • verb Form by carving
    Carve a flower from the ice
  • verb Engrave or cut by chipping away at a surface
    carve one's name into the bark
  • verb Cut to pieces
    Father carved the ham