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  • He began his career as a cartographer before turning to making films.
  • But he also was forced to become a true cartographer during his travels.
  • He is considered as one of the best cartographers of the time.
  • The cartographer must choose how many classes to use and how to break the data into those classes.
  • He has developed several widely used open-source tools and bases for cartographers.
  • Lotter would eventually become one of the most prominent cartographers of his day.
  • He produced maps from his studies of the work of other cartographers.
  • Its maps of the area were later used by all Western European cartographers.
  • Natural Earth is designed to meet the needs of experienced cartographers using a variety of software applications.
  • They were considered the best cartographers of their time.
  • This creates an easier decision-making process for the cartographer since most cities can be shown.
  • He was also a cartographer and, in the practice of the day, an architect on at least one project.
  • A cartographer is a person who studies and practices the art of making maps.
  • He was also the first official cartographer in Canada.
  • The maps produced set the standard for cartographers to follow, and base their own maps on.
  • Although Jean was well known as a cartographer, none of his maps has survived.
  • French surveyors were likely the first cartographers for the area, although many of the details have been lost to history.
  • The feature was originally known as the Hourglass Sea but has been given different names by different cartographers.
  • Vasi played a major role as a cartographer and as writer as well.
  • Cartographers work based on accepted conventions and rules and they place labels in order of importance.
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Meaning of cartographer

  • noun A person who makes maps