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  • Although only in the region of the road itself is single carriageway except in major towns.
  • The table below states the name of the ring road and the number of carriageways in each district.
  • It is a single carriageway for almost its entire length, travelling west-east.
  • Most regional roads are however single carriageway roads, and many are rather narrow country roads.
  • Now a car park, at carriageway level, stands where the cutting would have been.
  • It had two railway tracks in the same carriageway as the road.
  • The road is single carriageway ordinary road almost all of it.
  • However there is a gas station on both sides of the carriageways.
  • However all enter the town as single carriageways and none has a bypass.
  • The road has a reputation for being dangerous, primarily because the majority of it is single carriageway.
  • The well was moved from its original location when the dual carriageway alongside it was built.
  • These are single-carriageway roads and mean that travelling through the county is often slow.
  • Almost all of the road has been built to dual carriageway standards.
  • In some locations the original road has been replaced by a dual carriageway road beside the original road.
  • The finally accepted design was for a steel through arch bridge with a single carriageway.
  • For most of its length, it is a narrow single carriageway.
  • A carriageway was also constructed at a lower level on the inland side to take a public road.
  • The ring road is approximately long and consists of single and dual carriageways.
  • The entire route is regular highway with no sections of dual carriageway as yet.
  • The others are dual carriageway for at least some of their length.
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  • noun One of the two sides of a motorway where traffic travels in one direction only usually in two or three lanes