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  • Then off she ran after her father, who had only changed one carnation for another. Cited from The Ink-Stain by Rene Bazin, v1
  • A lady laid a letter and two white carnations on your writing-table. Cited from In The Palace Of The King, by F. Marion Crawford
  • And she turned toward a bed of carnations, bright under the morning sun. Cited from The Captain's Toll-Gate, by Frank R. Stockton
  • Law enforcement services in Carnation has changed hands several times throughout its history.
  • Many religious services held later adopted the custom of giving away carnations.
  • He looked at the deep-red carnation which she held out to him and shook his head. Cited from The Vision of Desire, by Margaret Pedler
  • He cut another piece off the carnation stalks, they were still too long. Cited from The Good Comrade, by Una L. Silberrad
  • After the Carnation Revolution, that same music was used to support left-wing parties.
  • Family events focus on the parents; popular actions include giving parents Carnations.
  • His mother often punishes him when he does not sell any of the carnation flowers.
  • Frequently, during that dinner, as we gained confidence and learned the way, we met among the carnations. Cited from The Fifth Wheel, by Olive Higgins Prouty
  • The film April Carnations will just be finished when the revolutionary period comes to an end.
  • She brought a pot of red carnations and put both her arms around her friend and kissed her. Cited from L'Assommoir, by Emile Zola
  • It is unnecessary to add that we did not see any more red carnations. Cited from Memoirs, by Prince De Joinville
  • Thousands of people attended the funeral, many of whom laid red carnations beside the grave.
  • Of course, I need not say that the carnation I wore was quite fresh. Cited from From the Housetops, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • Similar public works were undertaken under the democratic government after the Carnation Revolution.
  • The players were all given red and white carnations.
  • During his time at Carnation, he would deal with product development and nutrition studies of new products.
  • Get her on to the subject of the red carnations. Cited from Tenterhooks, by Ada Leverson
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Meaning of carnation

  • noun Eurasian plant with pink to purple-red spice-scented usually double flowers; widely cultivated in many varieties and many colors
  • noun A pink or reddish-pink color