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  • Caresse unfortunately picked the former which was less well received than the other volume.
  • Caresse returned to Paris where she continued to run the Black Sun Press.
  • Without a job, he convinced Caresse he just wanted to own a farm and they decided to look for land on the east coast.
  • Harry asked her to paint Caresse's portrait, and he soon fell in love with her.
  • Ready for bed, Caresse quickly put on a dress with nothing underneath.
  • Caresse's smut was just what the oil man wanted, according to his New York agent.
  • Madonna's tour manager Caresse Henry was awarded the Top Manager award.
  • She signed her name when she visited Harry and Caresse along with an Austrian big game hunter she was dating.
  • Brigitte also recorded and released the single Caresse tendresse, in an effort to start a singing career.
  • Caresse was facile and clever, wrote easily and quickly, with little effort.
  • But behind closed doors, Harry applied a double standard, quarreling violently with Caresse about her affairs.
  • It did not officially close until Caresse's death in 1970.
  • Caresse was upset when she learned that the German troops had painted over the wall of the home that had doubled as her guest book.
  • Although her husband Bert was often drunk and infrequently home, Caresse did not lack for company.
  • The students cheered Caresse's toplessness and she was carried around on the shoulders of ten students.
  • Caresse called their friend Stanley Mortimer, whose studio Harry was known to use for his trysts.
  • Polly or Caresse grew up amid the social constraints imposed by her upper-class family in New York.
  • Caresse traveled to Paris for his funeral between appearances at colleges where she talked about her life and the Black Sun Press.
  • Their first effort was Caresse's Painted Shores in which she wrote about their relationship, including their reconciliation after one of his affairs.
  • The steamship tickets he had bought that morning for the return to Europe with Caresse were in his pocket.
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