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  • This allowed him the time to do more carefully written and serious work.
  • These men were carefully selected often having strong records of military success and administrative ability.
  • The existence of this formation had been carefully kept secret until then.
  • A carefully trained ear can hear these changes even in a single note.
  • A wife was seen as being of high value, and was therefore, usually, carefully looked after.
  • In general, all kinds of special effects must be carefully planned during pre-production.
  • They work together to consider carefully which specific issues to approach.
  • A wife was also seen as being of high value, and was therefore, usually, carefully looked after.
  • Despite that, some more carefully conducted studies show a clear link to depression.
  • Very carefully prepared, they were, and indeed are still, of the greatest value to historical students.
  • The dead man's body would be carefully prepared and dressed in his best clothes.
  • This was a temporary measure until they could consider the details more carefully.
  • Genealogists must carefully consider who provided the information and what he or she knew.
  • Some are now being carefully restored with modern management methods.
  • Land use is carefully planned and development provides plenty of room for public housing projects.
  • This last approach must be implemented carefully and may be subject to attack if it is not.
  • All magistrates are carefully trained before sitting and continue to receive training throughout their service.
  • Land use conflicts are less frequent in planned communities since they are planned carefully.
  • He then wrote the date in every other space as well, then drew a line beneath them and carefully added them up.
  • Its industrial planning is studied carefully by the Government of the Federal District.
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Meaning of carefully

  • adverb Taking care or paying attention
    they watched carefully