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  • There he established a specialist cardiology unit whose work became known around the world.
  • He wrote several articles related to cardiology that appear in state and national medical journals.
  • This work has garnered much attention in both the cardiology world and the general public.
  • During her medical career she obtained an Internal medicine and a cardiology degrees.
  • Cardiology uses are growing very slowly due to technical and relative cost difficulties.
  • She then continued her medical career in cardiology at a regional clinic.
  • He always thought that the Mexican School of Cardiology was above any other.
  • His wife got a similar position in cardiology at the Institute National du Sport.
  • He is also the only person to serve twice as president of the International Society of Cardiology.
  • He has published numerous scientific papers regarding all aspects of clinical cardiology.
  • He then started to work in the cardiology emergency service.
  • During a brief interlude, he also had special training in cardiology at London.
  • The hospital offers services including a neuroscience program and a cardiology program.
  • After the war he returned to the London Hospital, becoming consultant and head of the cardiology department.
  • He completed his training in medicine and cardiology at the University of California San Francisco.
  • It is the first paperless hospital in the country; the hospital has an e-cardiology system.
  • After the war Tochowicz continued his research in the field of cardiology.
  • It also has Institute of Cardiology and is a teaching hospital.
  • Meredith then went on to specialist training in his chosen field of cardiology.
  • The major hospital here is the Southern Railway Headquarters Hospital, which is known for its cardiology department.
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Meaning of cardiology

  • noun The branch of medicine dealing with the heart and its diseases