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  • Hall was treated for cardiac issues and remained in the hospital for three days.
  • In advanced cases, the disease may cause high output cardiac failure and death.
  • He had suffered from cardiac problems since the 1970s and had several heart attacks in his last years.
  • He then collapsed into his seat and died from sudden cardiac death en route to the hospital.
  • He died a few years later in Rome due to cardiac arrest.
  • Long had cardiac problems throughout his adult life and had suffered a heart attack in the late 1950s.
  • Treatment is basic life support and advanced life support as taught in advanced life support and advanced cardiac life support courses.
  • The cardiac event monitor has been used for over twenty years.
  • He was given an angioplasty operation before being moved to a cardiac unit.
  • For every one-hundred cardiac arrest calls, now an additional thirteen patients will live.
  • Many other cardiac and non-cardiac conditions also increase one's risk.
  • Shortly afterwards, the band discovered that another band was using the name Cardiac Arrest.
  • These devices are often used in the treatment of patients at risk from sudden cardiac death.
  • It can potentially cause death and cardiac arrest if proper medical treatment is not received quickly.
  • The eight story patient tower is being converted to all private rooms, and all cardiac services will be combined to one area.
  • It is thought he finally gave out to cardiac arrest.
  • He fell to the ground, hitting his head in the process, and went into cardiac arrest.
  • He later collapsed and died on stage during the performance due to a cardiac arrest which followed the attack.
  • The greatest concern is an increase in the number of severe cardiac events in patients taking it.
  • Her cause of death was initially reported as cardiac arrest.
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  • adjective Of or relating to the heart
    cardiac arrest