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  • Info Captives is a 1994 British romantic crime drama film directed by Angela Pope and written by Dublin screenwriter Frank Deasy.
  • He said he saw many other captives die during the months he spent there.
  • He met some people who had escaped there and led an attempt to free the remaining captives.
  • His fellow captives included many political prisoners, who were forced to perform hard labour for many years.
  • They then took the captives behind the National Museum and shot them.
  • No armed men were in the video, and the captives appeared to be in good health.
  • Moreover, orders were given on both sides not to give quarter to captives.
  • In the years that followed, many of the captives made their way back to their families, but some never returned.
  • After fifteen years of work, he and his friends saw that the number of captives was growing day by day.
  • Now after being released from his captives, he has settled down in Memphis.
  • The captives were returned to Sweden five months after the end of the war.
  • It is not known whether such captives when released into the wild have any impact on the local species of such areas.
  • Other captives either met fate of their leader or were put in chains.
  • Nine people were killed and three were taken as captives.
  • The nine captives were placed in prison camps until the end of the war.
  • Some of the other captives she killed, while some she gave to others as slaves to her followers.
  • He said the youth was punished for trying to speak to his fellow captives.
  • He then released the captives from their bonds so they could search the vehicle again more thoroughly.
  • To this may have been added some Muslims taken as captives of war.
  • The trade was in African captives, who had been taken earlier from West Africa.
  • They carried off as captives most of the French women and children, and their African slaves.
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Root form of captives is captive for the noun.

Meaning of captives

  • noun An animal that is confined
  • noun A person held in the grip of a strong emotion or passion