captive breeding

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  • Info Captive breeding is the process of breeding animals in controlled environments within well-defined settings, such as wildlife reserves, zoos and other commercial and noncommercial conservation facilities. more...
  • In a few cases, captive breeding programs have been established and have largely been successful.
  • It has been proposed that some individuals could be captured for a captive breeding program.
  • Several conservation plans have been made, and a captive-breeding program has been proposed.
  • The conference provided a common scientific meeting ground for Captive breeding issues for the first time.
  • A captive breeding program has also been started to prevent the species from becoming extinct.
  • Despite the efforts of several conservation teams, captive breeding programs have all failed.
  • At least one captive breeding program has been established in Europe to increase the bird's numbers.
  • In recent years, however, captive breeding has become more popular.
  • A captive breeding colony has already been established by the authors of the study.
  • It has been subject to some captive breeding effort and its stocks are in better shape.
  • Captive breeding of marine organisms has been in development since the mid-1990s.
  • Captive breeding is virtually unknown, so almost all specimens available are wild caught.
  • Birds from captive breeding will be introduced on new islands.
  • To meet this demand a captive breeding industry has developed.
  • To prevent inbreeding, wild caught animals have been introduced to the captive breeding program.
  • Through later the importance was shifted to indigenous species and several captive breeding programs also started which were successful.
  • Captive breeding of other species has been successful.
  • Although there have been attempts at captive breeding, they are largely unsuccessful.
  • Further, captive breeding programs aimed at preserving the species have met with little success.
  • A captive breeding project has been started in Australia.
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