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  • He said he saw many other captives die during the months he spent there.
  • She wanted to be taken captive in exchange for his being allowed to leave the country.
  • Her absence was actually due to his holding her captive in his flat.
  • With the words the man pointed to his captive's long and beautiful hair. Cited from Timid Hare, by Mary Hazelton Wade
  • The flat is above the museum near the room in which the king was kept captive.
  • He met some people who had escaped there and led an attempt to free the remaining captives.
  • His fellow captives included many political prisoners, who were forced to perform hard labour for many years.
  • They then took the captives behind the National Museum and shot them.
  • No armed men were in the video, and the captives appeared to be in good health.
  • Jack had carried out, so far as he well could, the captive's wishes. Cited from The Eagle's Heart, by Hamlin Garland
  • Swiftly the captive's mind ran over the events of the past four years. Cited from The Last Spike, by Cy Warman
  • However, wild birds on average are believed to live shorter lives than captive birds.
  • Attempts at breeding among the captive population also failed for the same reasons.
  • In a few cases, captive breeding programs have been established and have largely been successful.
  • He forced himself upon her, then cut her tongue out and held her captive so she could never tell anyone.
  • His mother also wrote a second letter to the police, claiming that he held girls captive in his houses.
  • They killed six men and three women, a number of cattle and horses, and took two young girls captive.
  • As a captive, he was treated well and as he grew older he was gradually given more freedom.
  • The painting shows eight women inside a tower, where they are presumably held captive.
  • He landed on a road as directed, and was held captive for several hours under armed guard.
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Meaning of captive

  • noun An animal that is confined
  • noun A person held in the grip of a strong emotion or passion