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  • Info A Captaincy is a historical administrative division of the former Spanish and Portuguese colonial empires. more...
  • A person may hold the Captaincy of more than one parish at any one time.
  • May enjoyed a largely successful captaincy of both his county and country.
  • He was awarded the captaincy of the team and held it until his retirement.
  • He retired from the captaincy due to lack of form and politics in the board.
  • Their captaincies they'd won through gallant action upon the field of battle. Cited from The Boy Allies with Haig in Flanders, Claire Hayes
  • Despite losing the captaincy, Hall remained in the first team until the end of the season.
  • However a loss of form saw him lose the captaincy the following year and also his spot in the side.
  • He was the captain of the school team and under his captaincy the school won many tournaments.
  • These new units were organized into ten or more voivodeships per each captaincy.
  • He was also handed the team captaincy when he arrived.
  • Divided in four companies, it was one of the more extensive military Captaincies of the region.
  • As with South Australia, his captaincy record was not as distinguished as his playing record.
  • Under his Captaincy the team won three times in a row.
  • They had been the last club to award the Captaincy to the winner of the annual competition.
  • Dravid's captaincy, which has now finished a year, has been successful so far.
  • He followed up with three quick wickets and was offered the tour captaincy the same afternoon.
  • He then lost the captaincy and was relegated to training with the club's youth academy.
  • He has also been awarded the club captaincy.
  • However, his captaincy proved to be an unhappy one; he lost form and the team did not do well.
  • At the end of the season, he announced that business commitments forced him to give up the captaincy.
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