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  • Why did her mother now leave her with him, and, then again, capriciously call her away from him? Cited from The Law of the Land, by Emerson Hough
  • He worked capriciously, sometimes with great care and sometimes with little. Cited from The Lives of the Painters, Sculptors & Architects, Vol. 1, by Vasari
  • At the last words she turned away, capriciously, and went on. Cited from The Argonauts, by Eliza Orzeszko (AKA Orzeszkowa)
  • This latter power seems to us, in our ignorance, to act in most cases quite capriciously. Cited from Animals and Plants under Domestication V 2, Darwin
  • He used his authority over me most capriciously. Cited from Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 3 (of 6), by Havelock Ellis
  • He worked when he felt so disposed, capriciously, though he was very skilful. Cited from Jean-Christophe Journey's End, by Romain Rolland
  • For in those days fashions of dress did not change as capriciously as they do now. Cited from The Story of Porcelain, by Sara Ware Bassett
  • The voice had stopped capriciously in the middle of the song. Cited from In the Quarter, by Robert W. Chambers
  • But, after all, perhaps one ought not to wonder too much that material things should thus capriciously vanish. Cited from First and Last, by H. Belloc
  • He plays with its elements as capriciously as the child plays with paper and crayons. Cited from Musical Portraits, by Paul Rosenfeld
  • The girl treated him more capriciously than ever. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 6, No. 36, October, 1860, by Various
  • And capriciously refused good work at a time when thousands were unemployed! Cited from Pelle the Conqueror, V4, Martin Anderson Nexo
  • The "passing pleasures" of life are just those which this world gives very capriciously, but cannot take away! Cited from Juliana Horatia Ewing And Her Books, by Horatia K. F. Eden
  • It was one of his habits to break off suddenly and rather capriciously in the midst of what he was doing. Cited from James Otis The Pre-Revolutionist, by J.C. Ridpath
  • The trees which they touched so capriciously seemed insufficient to lodge their numbers. Cited from Jacob's Room, by Virginia Woolf
  • Her affection for her husband came and went capriciously. Cited from The Pit, by Frank Norris
  • And how he goes on, capriciously, honouring David one day and trying to kill him the next. Cited from True Words for Brave Men, by Charles Kingsley
  • And if this falls out capriciously with the healthy, how much more so with the invalid. Cited from Virginibus Puerisque, by Robert L. Stevenson
  • Fulton's restless mind was never still, but he did not turn capriciously from one idea to another. Cited from The Age of Invention, by Holland Thompson
  • A person who looked on them only for five minutes might fancy that they were rushing capriciously to and fro. Cited from Critical and Historical Essays, by Macaulay V1
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How capriciously gets used

Meaning of capriciously

  • adverb Unpredictably
    the weather has been freakishly variable
  • adverb In a capricious manner
    there were Turk's head lilies and patches of iris , islands of brilliant blue set capriciously in the green sea