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  • He first performed as a singer in an otherwise all-black a cappella group.
  • This tradition also continues today in several student-run a cappella groups on campus.
  • The a cappella groups are run entirely by students and bring together students of all interests.
  • After singing a cappella in his office, he signed the group on the spot.
  • At a school event, the band performed a single a cappella song.
  • At the time, there were at least five all-male a cappella groups and one all-female.
  • In a change from their usual style, this album is entirely a cappella.
  • An a cappella version of the title track was included on this as well.
  • These days, many a cappella groups can be found in high schools and colleges.
  • The original album version is more a poem than a song, done completely a cappella.
  • Several a cappella groups play a prominent role in campus life.
  • The first were a cappella individual songs, while the latter were accompanied dance music performed by a group.
  • In college, he decided to make a career of contemporary a cappella.
  • The song is entirely a cappella, in line with the group's usual musical style.
  • As with all of their albums, it contains a cappella cover versions of popular songs.
  • The group is famous for its lead singer's a cappella singing.
  • Most of their a cappella concerts are divided into five distinct groups of pieces.
  • We love the idea of the title, surrounded by negative space, like the a cappella beginning.
  • A cappella is one of the most popular and most competitive activities in the school.
  • He also released an album which was entirely a cappella.
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