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  • He then capitalized on two more break points to give himself a big lead.
  • However, they were stopped both times and their special teams unit failed to capitalize.
  • When used in this sense, the word form or idea is often capitalized.
  • The first two words of the start of the article would always be capitalized.
  • In the novel his name is written without capitalizing the first letter.
  • Indeed, he would have capitalized his soul, if it had been necessary. Cited from A Certain Rich Man, by William Allen White
  • Only a few well-capitalized companies continued in business after this.
  • There is no easy way to determine which capital letters should remain capitalized.
  • Capitalizing on her appearance she achieved international status as a professional model.
  • Some words have one meaning when capitalized and another when not.
  • Also this time he couldn't capitalize in the league and played only one match.
  • However, in no case would the first next word be capitalized.
  • Producers saw their chance to capitalize on her fame and gave her own show.
  • When capitalized, the term refers to the whole country, particularly in political speech.
  • The novel was later re-released with the name in order to capitalize on interest in the movie.
  • In some cases V-forms are likely to be capitalized when written.
  • When used in this sense, the word form is often capitalized.
  • He also does not capitalize the first letter of a new sentence.
  • Perhaps he believed he could capitalize on the growing recreational movement in the country.
  • Sometimes a company will change the number of shares in issue by capitalizing its reserve.
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Meaning of capitalize

  • verb Draw advantages from
    he is capitalizing on her mistake, she took advantage of his absence to meet her lover
  • verb Supply with capital, as of a business by using a combination of capital used by investors and debt capital provided by lenders
  • verb Write in capital letters
  • verb Compute the present value of a business or an income
  • verb Consider expenditures as capital assets rather than expenses
  • verb Convert (a company's reserve funds) into capital