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  • Nearly all of the great capitalists of the city came from the country. Cited from Pushing to the Front, by Orison Swett Marden
  • At the same time, it sought to build relations with developed capitalist countries.
  • Capitalists value two things, their power and their money; many individuals among them value only the money. Cited from The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism, by Bertrand Russell
  • They soon got control of much of the trade, and were the only capitalists of the time. Cited from The Leading Facts of English History, by D.H. Montgomery
  • In this case capitalists merely increase the length of the working day.
  • Meaning that the capitalists' know about how long it takes to produce one piece of finished product.
  • The capitalists would try to put an end to parliamentary forms of government. Cited from Socialism As It Is, by William English Walling
  • We are part of the worldwide anti-capitalist and anti-war movement.
  • Only labor power, which is bought by capitalists, can create new value.
  • All the machinery of the capitalist state has been turned against us.
  • The new capitalist system meant an increasing emphasis on property and property law.
  • However it has been suggested that his capitalist attitude made trade unions necessary.
  • They cannot replace political struggle as the main means by which the capitalist system will be destroyed.
  • Here is a fine coming opportunity for the capitalists of the world. Cited from Russia, As Seen and Described by Famous Writers, ed. by Singleton
  • It was offered to many of the big capitalists here, but they would not touch it. Cited from The Transvaal from Within, by J. P. Fitzpatrick
  • They were a label as much as any capitalist corporation could be.
  • At one point, France claimed to be the world's most state-controlled capitalist country.
  • He knows that the present laws of property are made by and for the capitalists. Cited from Socialism As It Is, by William English Walling
  • It has also been associated with the farming class by some people and with capitalists by others.
  • Despite the move to the left, South America is still largely capitalist.
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Synonyms of capitalist

Meaning of capitalist

  • noun A conservative advocate of capitalism
  • noun A person who invests capital in a business (especially a large business)
  • adjective Of or relating to capitalism or capitalists
    a capitalist nation, capitalistic methods and incentives