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  • How could water cut a canyon at the top of a mountain range?
  • They turned back without seeing the deep parts of the canyon.
  • A free back country permit is required for all inner canyon use except at the west end.
  • Some of the present-day canyons may be a result of this.
  • Many present-day storm drains still follow the original course of these canyons.
  • A large canyon runs from the darkness at the lower-right side to visible center of the body.
  • He started running down the ridge, and brought up in the canyon's bottom near the horse. Cited from The Flying U's Last Stand, by B. M. Bower
  • The critics were silenced further when the boat also went down river through the canyon.
  • One is located at the west end of the city on Railroad Canyon Road.
  • At present streams have cut canyons as much as deep, but only wide.
  • The county seat is Canyon City, which served as the chief community of the county for many years.
  • Canyons with north-south orientation were found to have the floor being the most active energy site.
  • This part has been called Miller's Canyon ever since that time.
  • Spirit One was the first plane painted in the canyon blue fleet color scheme.
  • Many men, horses, and much of the baggage were cast into the canyon below.
  • The site is naturally protected by mountains and canyons and is divided into five areas.
  • The river flows mostly through mountainous country and in several places through deep canyons.
  • To this day, remains of old mines can be seen in the canyons.
  • It is found in one of the lake's river canyons.
  • A petroglyph was made on the canyon wall just above the water level to mark the place.
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Meaning of Canyon

  • noun A ravine formed by a river in an area with little rainfall