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  • Info Cantrell is a surname of English and French origin.
  • He bought the Cantrell land and divided it up into the first improved city addition. Cited from Andrew the Glad, by Maria Thompson Daviess
  • Cantrell has since released all but one of her albums on Diesel Only.
  • Regarding the two songs, Cantrell said that they came from a time when the band was still developing its sound.
  • It was also in this same church he met and later married Louise Cantrell.
  • Cantrell said the song is also "directed towards people who pass judgments."
  • This features no musical performance, other than Cantrell's singing.
  • Cantrell went on to release all but one of her studio albums on Diesel Only.
  • This is the area Cantrell's father grew up in.
  • The store owner managed to get Hamilton to stay for coffee until Cantrell arrived.
  • Cantrell also wrote the lyrics for the songs for which he sang lead vocals.
  • Cantrell's music has been celebrated in the press including features in The New York Times.
  • She said her name was Gracie Cantrell, and Peter took her word for it. Cited from The Purple Heights, by Marie Conway Oemler
  • What Cantrell initially intends to be a one-night stand soon develops into a semi-serious relationship.
  • As he was writing it down, Cantrell claimed that he looked round and saw Rosa go for a gun.
  • She also won a free trip to Los Angeles to meet Cantrell backstage.
  • In any event, Cantrell's bishop refused to support his stance.
  • All lyrics and music written by Jerry Cantrell, except where noted.
  • The track is unusual for Cantrell's style considering its use of horns.
  • Regarding the lyrical content, Cantrell said he wrote "Brother" about his relationship with his younger brother.
  • Few of the songs on the album had been written before the sessions began, so Cantrell's material was used as a starting point.
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