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  • Info The canto is a principal form of division in a long poem, especially the epic. more...
  • Head what he says of them in the first canto of his poem. Cited from Letters of a Traveller, by William Cullen Bryant
  • At the end of Canto I what do we think the story is to be? Cited from Teachers' Outlines for Studies in English, by Gilbert Sykes Blakely
  • No longer racing full-time, Canto now runs a performance driving school.
  • I have a second Canto ready, which will be sent by and by. Cited from Life of Lord Byron, With His Letters and Journals, Vol. 4, ed. by Moore
  • A Spanish-language version of the album was released under the name Le Canto.
  • This my first literary effort was carried to somewhere about the middle of the first canto. Cited from Personal Reminiscences in Book Making, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • The style of this release continued on from her Canto-rock past with Black & Blue.
  • In this canto the 'wind' is now capable of using both of these things mentioned before.
  • Again the wind is very important in this last canto.
  • Unlike the album in English, Le Canto features two songs not featured on original album.
  • He lost the title three months later in his first defense against Miguel Canto.
  • He now has a particular reputation for the middle-late bel canto tradition.
  • All the rest of this canto was added in the second edition of the poem. Cited from Rape of the Lock and Other Poems,by Alexander Pope
  • The second canto of the poem is much more fluid than the first one.
  • What did I say last In my late canto? Cited from Man of Uz, and Other Poems, by Lydia Howard Sigourney
  • He said he was unable to leave off last night, and that he had sat up until he had finished every line of the canto. Cited from A Publisher and His Friends, by Samuel Smiles
  • This must be pronounced the most beautiful canto of the first book. Cited from Spenser's The Faerie Queene, Book I, by Edmund Spenser
  • Can you discover any plan in the division of the canto into stanzas? Cited from Teachers' Outlines for Studies in English, by Gilbert Sykes Blakely
  • This led him to write seven books and many articles on singing and bel canto.
  • Pound later came to see this canto as a key central point in the poem.
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Meaning of canto

  • noun The highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music
  • noun A major division of a long poem