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  • The castle over or above the mountain makes this an example of canting arms.
  • We have already seen that the canting of the region is still in progress. Cited from The Elements of Geology, by W. H. Norton
  • The lower part of the coat of arms is an example of canting arms.
  • Then he sat canting his head to one side to listen more intently. Cited from The Seventh Man, by Max Brand
  • As the coat of arms shows this tree, it is an example of canting arms.
  • As such, the coat could be said to fall into the category of canting arms.
  • The main charge in these arms refers to the municipality's name, and is thus canting.
  • Come what may I never will flatter the million's canting in any shape. Cited from Life of Lord Byron, With His Letters and Journals, Vol. 4, ed. by Moore
  • The church is a canting charge for the village's name, which means "old church".
  • The design is canting because this is what the name of the municipality means (see above under the name).
  • During the whole evening not a canting word nor a false tone had been uttered. Cited from Famous Americans of Recent Times, by James Parton
  • These are canting arms, referring as they do to the municipality's name.
  • Both the half mill wheel and the tower are examples of canting arms.
  • Canting the piece to the left would make the bullet strike low and to the left. Cited from Military Instructors Manual, by James P. Cole and Oliver Schoonmaker
  • It is also a canting because the name of the municipality is derived from the name of the river.
  • These are canting arms and they are rooted in the village's history.
  • The two charges in base are canting for the municipality's name.
  • The chapel on the coat of arms is an example of canting arms.
  • This is a simple example of canting as means stone.
  • It has also been used in canting arms.
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Root form of canting is cant for the verb.

Meaning of canting

  • verb Heel over
    The tower is tilting, The ceiling is slanting