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  • The station building is built on a cantilevered structure on top of the tracks.
  • The upper levels were cantilevered over the lower sections to fit within the limited space.
  • It is noted for its cantilevered design which makes it nearly twice as wide at the top than at the base.
  • The engine house is cantilevered approximately out to the side.
  • The aircraft was a twin engine, all-metal, four seat transport with a cantilevered wing.
  • Similar to the south side with a cantilevered steel roof, this structure also covered a portion of the lower seats.
  • It was cantilevered off the eight-track bridge; sitting suspended between the two river bridges.
  • The structure is notable for "fingers" at each end, cantilevered over the lower levels.
  • Cantilevered balconies occur only on the first floor level at each end and in the centre.
  • A wide cantilevered canopy, held up by two angels, is extended over her head.
  • The narrow site required the building to be cantilevered over the slope.
  • The second floor will be cantilevered over the entrance.
  • The cantilevered concrete also has not stood up well to the area's earthquakes.
  • These vehicles each seat four people inline and are suspended from a central, cantilevered support structure.
  • Because the seats are on the side of the track, a cantilevered steel arm is used to support the wings.
  • The projection is cantilevered and does not bear the weight of traditional building materials.
  • Aside from a small sign on the top of the cantilevered canopy, very little has changed in the building.
  • Also, because the seats are on the side of the track, a cantilevered steel arm is used to support the wings.
  • The cantilevered upper deck was no longer a large necessity.
  • However, there are situations where a core only uses one core print so other means are required to support the cantilevered end.
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Root form of cantilevered is cantilever for the verb.

Meaning of cantilevered

  • verb Project as a cantilever
  • verb Construct with girders and beams such that only one end is fixed
    Frank Lloyd Wright liked to cantilever his buildings