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  • Info CanTeen, The Australian Organisation for Young People Living with cancer, is the national support organisation for young people (aged 12-24) living with cancer; including cancer patients, their brothers and sisters and young people with parents or primary carers with cancer.
  • The college canteen is located inside the campus and is open during college hours.
  • All that remains today is the canteen which is now used as the village community centre.
  • It began with six girls in the area which now houses the canteen and art room.
  • The college also has a fully operating canteen in all main buildings.
  • One canteen, located in the academic complex provides services to the staff during working hours.
  • Before becoming the control administration building it was a canteen for the navy.
  • Canteen is an English-language literary and arts magazine published twice a year.
  • Often the lower school share the upper school's facilities, such as the canteen.
  • A canteen and a school library were also constructed during this period.
  • The college also houses a small canteen at the back side.
  • The canteen is a small, separate building in the middle of the school.
  • In many schools, students participate in the work of the school canteen during their working life practice period.
  • Over one hundred and twenty five communities donated their time to work at the canteen.
  • During the transfer, only the academic building and a small canteen were present.
  • Work is available in places like the library, kitchen, canteen, ground and building.
  • The college canteen is in the heart of the college, most visited by the students.
  • She might have met someone at the canteen who drove her home and left her at the door.
  • The other prisoners there could see what the security forces were doing and planning in the canteen.
  • There's a basic canteen where one can get food and tea.
  • The school is currently working on plans of a new set of sports stands along with a canteen near the field.
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  • noun A flask for carrying water; used by soldiers or travelers
  • noun Sells food and personal items to personnel at an institution or school or camp etc.
  • noun A restaurant outside; often for soldiers or policemen
  • noun A recreation room in an institution
  • noun Restaurant in a factory; where workers can eat