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  • The opening movement sets only a single line: the title of the cantata.
  • Despite being only twenty minutes long, the cantata includes nine movements.
  • The theme of the cantata is then the answer to the question in what direction life should go.
  • A typical performance of the cantata will last around twenty minutes.
  • Although the cantata is lost, we have some idea of what it sounded like.
  • He later inserted most of them, including this one, in his third annual cantata cycle.
  • The latter work's music is lost, only parts of the former cantata are extant.
  • Christmas cantata can also mean the performance of the music.
  • It is the third new cantata of his first annual cycle.
  • He founded a cantata choir, which performed many of his works.
  • The Cantata can be from eight to nine minutes long.
  • His works available in modern edition include a Christmas cantata.
  • The cantata may have been performed at least twice.
  • The cantata form had not yet been introduced from Italy.
  • The cantata consists of two parts, to be performed before and after the sermon.
  • Bach later assigned most of them, including this cantata, to his third annual cycle.
  • It was the first Cantata ever written in the Irish language.
  • Its influence, in opera and cantata, was felt through two successive centuries.
  • He went on to write a cantata based on the poem.
  • The other parts may rely on a former unknown secular or church cantata.
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Meaning of cantata

  • noun A musical composition for voices and orchestra based on a religious text