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  • Many of his canonical works were written well after he turned fifty.
  • By the fourth century, the elements of the canonical hours were more or less established.
  • Note that if the canonical link function is used, then they are the same.
  • The story is intended to be original and as such is not canonical.
  • The only canonical information that exists comes from the book that is named for him.
  • The film served as a non-canonical alternate opening for the third season.
  • They would have announced the canonical hours or intervals between set times of prayer.
  • Not even those who provide the certificates consider them as having legal or canonical effect.
  • In some of those, a canonical order can still be identified, but in others this is not possible.
  • Expanded Universe material such as this is not usually considered canonical unless otherwise stated.
  • This period is known as the beginning of the canonical stage.
  • The character also appears in canonical comic book series continuation of that series.
  • Mao rules can vary widely between different groups with no individual set of rules being canonical.
  • The others are called non-standard or non-canonical.
  • The generation of a concept is considered canonical if its extent contains no object preceding the current object.
  • The canonical example is a set of chores that the players between them must do.
  • Canonical forms are generally used to make operating with equivalence classes more effective.
  • Several non-canonical epistles claim or having been claimed to have been written by Paul.
  • A detailed account of these will be found in the article Canonical Hours.
  • If they act otherwise, let them be subject to the canonical penalties.
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