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  • It is much the same as what many people will know as Canoeing.
  • The river is popular for fly fishing and also for white-water canoeing.
  • She also wrote articles on the history of canoeing in Canada during the 1980s.
  • He took up canoeing when his swimming career did not pan out.
  • In summer months, people will go canoeing and courses are held to teach how to do so.
  • The lake can be used for canoeing, fishing, and other water activities.
  • The beach is often used for water sports such as canoeing and boat trips.
  • The lake is used for canoeing and other water activities.
  • The month before his death, John had won a bronze medal in the national canoeing youth championships.
  • A large pool at the end of River Road offers canoeing and other water activities.
  • The Chunky is a very popular canoeing river during the low water level summer months.
  • The Olympic games also hosted canoeing events there which continue to take place occasionally.
  • There is also traditional American camp activities such as swimming and canoeing at the beach.
  • Along its course, especially near its source, several canoeing centres provide boats for rent.
  • The river is approximately in length and is a popular wilderness canoeing route.
  • Fishing and canoeing are popular as this section of the river is not used by power boats.
  • Both of his sons would win Olympic canoeing medals of their own.
  • There is also a small lake open for canoeing and fishing.
  • The river is often used for canoeing to this day.
  • The lake is a popular location spot for fishing, sailing, canoeing and other water sports.
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Root form of canoeing is canoe for the verb.

Meaning of canoeing

  • verb Travel by canoe
    canoe along the canal