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  • There, her mother gave her a candle so that she could see him.
  • He then joined the board members to light two four foot candles.
  • However, if there was no candle present the animal lived twice as long.
  • The fact he got ten candles shows how on edge he is.
  • Candles were also used, but their higher price made them less popular.
  • After the murder he set fire to the house using a candle and papers.
  • However, the candle goes out before he can return, so the two sleep for the night.
  • Then, he burned a candle in the remaining air until it went out.
  • Candles are extremely common and other forms of light, whether fire or other, are also used.
  • When a candle is placed in the hand, it gives light only to the person holding it.
  • He could also blow out a candle from several yards away.
  • It was later discovered that the fire was caused by a student using a candle to read during the night.
  • They remember past happiness and their first meeting -- the candles, the lost key.
  • The most basic set up is just a white candle and a clear glass of water and perhaps flowers.
  • You stood with the candle and one hand against your breast.
  • You stood with a hand at your breast and the candle burning you.
  • In this case a candle would be lit so the dead could see the food.
  • They later found a candle that, when lit, would make her human.
  • He returns with ten more candles and puts them all over the room.
  • At least twenty candles are to be kept burning day and night.
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Meaning of candle

  • noun Stick of wax with a wick in the middle
  • noun The basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the systeme international d'unites; equal to 1/60 of the luminous intensity per square centimeter of a black body radiating at the temperature of 2,046 degrees kelvin
  • verb Examine eggs for freshness by holding them against a light