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  • He said was in good health but gave no reason for the cancellation.
  • Another cancellations occurred when the last game before independence played and won their last title.
  • Its cancellation after one season ended his television career, and he returned to live performances.
  • It is not known whether these were actually issued or if they are cancellations.
  • Slow sales led to its cancellation after only one year in the US market.
  • However he fell ill causing the last minute cancellation of the performance.
  • During the tour there were several cancellations and some members left the tour for personal or medical reasons.
  • Long's introduction of new characters only pushed the series to its cancellation.
  • While a success in its first season, low ratings in the second led to its cancellation.
  • Any such cancellation must occur within a period of time (usually two years) defined by law.
  • There have been many published studies of the cancellations of many countries, some of which are listed below.
  • These findings were not taken into account when the cancellation order was issued.
  • Because of the cancellation of version three, this was the first follow-on stable version since version two.
  • Three successive race cancellations then followed as bad weather made it difficult.
  • She became a fan favorite and is still associated with the show long after its cancellation.
  • Sunset Beach remains highly popular in many countries years after its cancellation.
  • Upon cancellation of that show, Lawrence found bit parts in various films and television series.
  • At the time of its cancellation six of the thirteen episodes ordered had been completed.
  • However, the band's record label said the cancellations were due to illness.
  • The game had been under development for over two years and had a development staff of forty at the time of cancellation.
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Meaning of cancellation

  • noun The act of cancelling; calling off some arrangement
  • noun The speech act of revoking or annulling or making void