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  • Because he wrote the house canceling the order before he started back home. Cited from Tales of the Road, by Charles N. Crewdson
  • None of these programs were successful and most were cancelled after only a few months.
  • Hall died four days after the cancelled game, and the series was abandoned.
  • His design won the national competition but plans to build the structure were later cancelled.
  • Yet the series was cancelled again after a few episodes of the second season.
  • It ran for just one series of six episodes before it was cancelled.
  • The series was cancelled after one hundred issues to make way for a solo series.
  • Rather than cancel the tour, the band went out as a four-piece.
  • The show was cancelled on its second week due to the lack of audience.
  • Then they announced that the show will soon be canceled, but that never happened.
  • The game turned out to be rather poor, with both teams cancelling each other out.
  • Upon arrival in that city, he was told that the award had been cancelled.
  • A third meeting was cancelled when she became too ill to attend.
  • Development proceeded for almost a year and a half before the project was cancelled.
  • The show failed to capture a large audience and was cancelled after one season.
  • The show never gained ground against Today, and was canceled in just ten months.
  • Fox canceled the show at the end of its first and only season.
  • Origin announced that development of the game had been canceled shortly after the magazine was published.
  • The band was forced to cancel some of these shows because of drug issues.
  • Fox would cancel their run of the show after the third season.
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Meaning of cancel

  • verb Postpone indefinitely or annul something that was scheduled
    Call off the engagement, cancel the dinner party, we had to scrub our vacation plans, scratch that meeting--the chair is ill
  • verb Make up for
    His skills offset his opponent's superior strength
  • verb Declare null and void; make ineffective
    Cancel the election results, strike down a law
  • verb Make invalid for use
    cancel cheques or tickets