can burn

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  • It was found that sheet metal can burn through in a matter of weeks.
  • He can burn his money if he wants to. Cited from Winning of Barbara Worth, by Harold B Wrigh
  • In such a fine powdered form, iron can burn, due to its increased surface area.
  • For instance, an army can burn a bridge behind it, making retreat evidently impossible.
  • A San Francisco can burn down and it is soon replaced. Cited from Practical Forestry in the Pacific Northwest, by Edward Tyson Allen
  • If shut up in a small, tight place, it soon uses up so much air that it can burn no longer. Cited from First Book in Physiology and Hygiene, by J.H. Kellogg
  • You can burn me at the stake or tear me in pieces first. Cited from The Scouts of the Valley, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • Kent comes along and tells the two to clear out so the fire department can burn the Pavilion down.
  • The food you put into your body must be made soft and pulpy before it can burn in your muscles. Cited from The Child's Day, by Woods Hutchinson
  • Most cannon fuses of high quality can burn while under water.
  • This can burn or cut through things, push things away, or pop popcorn.
  • "The white lords say it can burn a man up." Cited from Allan and the Holy Flower, H. Rider Haggard
  • Peat has a high carbon content and can burn under low moisture conditions.
  • To a lesser extent it can burn eyes and skin on contact.
  • "She called down fire for the sacrifice once to-day, and she can burn up others here if she chooses." Cited from The Lost Continent by C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne
  • It can burn through thick steel within seconds.
  • I, who know so well how wounds can burn and ache, should not inflict them. Cited from Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli, Vol. II, by Margaret Fuller Ossoli
  • Nitrocellulose film, as used at this time, can burn on its own without needing any supply of air.
  • "We can burn the oil stove turned down love-- that will make the tent warm." Cited from The Outdoor Girls at Rainbow Lake, by L. Hope
  • If the visitors want to take their performance home, the education interns can burn their performance onto a DVD.
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