campus outreach

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  • Info Campus Outreach is a network of interdenominational Christian organizations, focusing on evangelizing and discipling college students worldwide under the mission statement "Glorifying God by Building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World."
  • Campus Outreach is a Non-profit organization in which all the staff members are supported on a monthly contribution from independent financial backers.
  • The organization then effectively becomes the college ministry of that church, with the staff answering both to the Campus Outreach board and the leadership of that church.
  • As President, Anderson spent so much time in off-campus outreach to the Baptist community that non-Baptist students and some faculty felt neglected.
  • Most recently, AVN began an initiative called the Good Steward Campaign, which is a faith-based environmental organization focused primarily on college campus outreach.
  • TFP Student Action is the university campus outreach of the TFP.
  • Campus Outreach is not a single cohesive organization: Rather, it is a network of organizations that are franchised to local churches in the target area.
  • Break Away's development and national growth was supported and facilitated by leveraging the national network of campus service programs built by the Campus Outreach Opportunity League.
  • IRoC is the IRC branch that coordinates all of the IRC's on-campus outreach.
  • As recent college graduates, Wayne and Bobby founded the Campus Outreach Opportunity League, a national organization that promotes and supports college student involvement in community service and social action.
  • The Campus Outreach Opportunity League (C.O.O.L.) was a United States national, non-profit organization founded to promote and support college student involvement in community service and social action.
  • His work and writings were instrumental in the creation of the Campus Outreach ministry, which focuses on discipleship as a method of building up the community of Christians on college campuses.
  • UCCs generally offer a variety of services including individual and group counseling, psychodiagnostic testing, alcohol and other drug counseling/evaluation, crisis assistance, campus outreach programs, consultation services, and graduate student training.
  • Campus Outreach is distinguished from similar organizations such as Campus Crusade for Christ in both philosophy (read below) and focus, that the ministry focuses on small to mid-sized campuses where another ministry does not have a presence.
  • The Australian franchise of Campus Outreach, at the University of Queensland, was renamed University Impact or rather Uni Impact in 1999, a year after its initial launch.
  • He was also a panelist at an event titled Young, Black and Ready to Vote in St. Louis, Missouri, sponsored by the Center for American Progress's campus outreach group, Campus Progress, and held prior to the 2008 United States vice-presidential debate.
  • ASK rabbis spend only 3 to 4 hours per day on their personal Torah learning and devote the rest of their day to "lunch 'n learn" classes, Hebrew reading crash courses, beginners minyans, campus outreach, and study groups for women, teens and singles.