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  • Some staff let their campers try to figure out their names at the end of camp.
  • She stated that many campers and high school and college friends had learned the song.
  • By the time the campers leave, they have friends all over the world.
  • Several thousand campers, many of them retired, use the site during the winter months.
  • Campers will choose between three or four different activities to attend for these course hours.
  • Once every week, the entire staff and all campers enjoy a camp fire.
  • Except for the usual water-related activities the park is officially open to campers.
  • A couple in a camper van get lost along a country road.
  • A good camper always makes himself just as comfortable as he can under the circumstances. Cited from Outdoor Sports and Games, by Claude H. Miller
  • One of our prime goals is to provide such a setting and to help each camper find success.
  • Campers may bring their own boats to launch on the lake as may the general public.
  • Each camper gets the chance to be camp leader for one day.
  • Campers are broken up into villages by age and live together in cabin groups.
  • Lady Camper fixed her black eyes on him, but did not speak. Cited from Case of General Ople, by George Meredith
  • What does the camper think about when lounging around the fire at night? Cited from In the Catskills, by John Burroughs
  • Nearly every camper will start to do things away from home that he would never think of doing under his own roof. Cited from Outdoor Sports and Games, by Claude H. Miller
  • It is held on one day, but campers can sleep the night the day before and after the event.
  • Many campers on lower ground experience flooding during rain in the summer months.
  • However, the organization soon took on an important role in the leadership and support of the campers.
  • The first campers arrived by boat, due to the lack of any road to the camp grounds.
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Meaning of camper

  • noun Someone living temporarily in a tent or lodge for recreation
  • noun A recreational vehicle equipped for camping out while traveling