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  • These animals are so well camouflaged they may sometimes let a person walk right past them.
  • They never rest with their wings open, in order to keep its green camouflage.
  • Before dawn each day two men would move into a well camouflaged position about from the road.
  • As the war went on, camouflaging efforts by both sides became more extensive.
  • However, due to their small size and camouflage, they are much more frequently heard than actually seen.
  • So we must camouflage our plan by sending the special forces out to the country.
  • For protection, they are well camouflaged in dry grass and keep very still.
  • In this last case, they were well camouflaged, and it was very difficult to find them.
  • These colors may have served as a camouflage when working in the mountains.
  • These leaves turn brown as the eggs are laid, and may serve as camouflage.
  • He said it was a very well camouflaged and secret location.
  • It was painted gray to help camouflage the bridge in case of enemy attack.
  • Their natural camouflage can make them extremely difficult to spot.
  • Trees were preserved as much as possible to maintain the camouflage they provided.
  • Dog then must distinguish the real tree from the soldiers camouflaged as trees.
  • We laid the guns on the side of the road, camouflaging them in the usual fashion. Cited from S.O.S. Stand to!, by Reginald Grant
  • They usually walk or run in areas where they are well camouflaged, almost never leaving the ground except when absolutely needed.
  • Not until aircraft could be effectively targeted did camouflaging them then become an issue.
  • In England, he began drawing again and was trained in the art of camouflage.
  • It is slow-moving and covered in brown hair which camouflages it against the rocks it lives upon.
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Meaning of camouflage

  • noun Fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan; intended to make the wearer of a garment made of this fabric hard to distinguish from the background
  • noun Device or stratagem for concealment or deceit
  • verb Disguise by camouflaging; exploit the natural surroundings to disguise something
    The troops camouflaged themselves before they went into enemy territory