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  • Info Camogie is an Irish stick-and-ball team sport played by women; it is almost identical to the game of hurling played by men.
  • The club also has a number of camogie sides at various age groups.
  • At one stage she played for four Camogie teams at the same time.
  • It consists of men and women's football teams and also has camogie teams.
  • Numerous Camogie titles have been won at all age groups at county level.
  • The camogie team has won two county championships and several league titles.
  • Two more additional changing rooms have been built and the club has now formed a camogie club.
  • I think they can lay claim to being one of the greatest camogie teams ever to play the game now.
  • Camogie was also very strong in the club during this era.
  • It became known as the home of camogie during this period.
  • I have put that question to camogie people of the time.
  • A new camogie team has recently been set up.
  • The club also field Camogie teams at various age-groups, including Minor and Senior.
  • This final is regarded as one of the greatest in camogie history.
  • The club also takes great pride in its tradition in camogie.
  • While still a player she was elected chair of Dublin camogie board.
  • The deal will also incorporate ladies football and camogie for the first time.
  • The club also has camogie teams across various ages.
  • She was the first female to manage a first rank inter-county camogie team.
  • She was the first female to manage a first rank inter-county camogie team.
  • Dublin won by thirty-three points, still the record for an All-Ireland camogie final.
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