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  • The latter is used by CAMS in its historical records of the championship.
  • Martin and Cam's mother do eventually form a short lived relationship.
  • Some baby cams can work at night with low light levels.
  • CAM is now a system used in schools and lower educational purposes.
  • The latter term is used by CAMS in historical records and has been used in this article.
  • Each event time was written to CAM along with a command.
  • However, in the winter months CAM still has a significant role.
  • Live Cams have gained in popularity as the technology has become more and more advanced.
  • Each tool movement or operation was controlled directly by one or more cams.
  • Each wheel had a number of cams that could be set in one of two positions.
  • In practice, however, about half of the cams on each wheel were in the raised position.
  • CAMS also has a lot of social activities and clubs to participate in.
  • CAM-D is yet another method, though it is more of an extension of the current system.
  • In either case the CAMS machine was the first of the three to fly.
  • Some of the early marks of the aircraft were operated from CAM ships.
  • When he cams back he found Al and Chrisfield alone in their room. Cited from Three Soldiers, by John Dos Passos
  • The cam element is often a plate or block, but may be any cross section.
  • Around this time, Cam's motion gradually turned towards the north.
  • All his solo albums have been released under the Cam Jazz label.
  • The series is one of nine that enjoy full CAMS Australian Championship status.
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Meaning of cam

  • noun A river in east central england that flows past cambridge to join the ouse river
  • noun A rotating disk shaped to convert circular into linear motion