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  • The site of the station is now located behind the main CalMac ferry terminal building.
  • During her final years with Calmac, she relieved across the network.
  • No sale was completed and in 1997, CalMac prepared them for service once more.
  • This was her longest voyage and made her the first CalMac vessel to operate outside Scotland.
  • During her final years with Calmac, she relieved in the west highlands.
  • No sale was completed and in 1997, CalMac prepared the vessels for service once more.
  • She is the only Calmac vessel to have crossed the Atlantic.
  • CalMac tried to arrange for a replacement vessel, but none could be found available for lease.
  • Instead, Calmac resumed service with Juno, but with only one sailing per hour.
  • In 2006, she became the oldest vessel in the CalMac fleet and operated for longer than any vessel ever in the fleet.
  • At this point, Calmac considered the termination of their route.
  • She still carried the Calmac lion on her funnel.
  • This meant that Calmac needed a vessel to offer a passenger-only service on the route, but financially this was not an option.
  • At special weekends in the past she has supplemented the CalMac Rothesay service.
  • The present MV Clansman is the fifth vessel to carry the name in the CalMac fleet over the years.
  • Although CalMac's vessels were considerably faster, their longer route meant that both operators took around 20 minutes to make the crossing.
  • The route, operated by Calmac, is reputed to be one of the shortest in Scotland still in operation.
  • Three operators submitted bids for the block of routes with CalMac retaining all its existing routes.
  • She became probably the most travelled member of the CalMac fleet, visiting twenty-four terminals in total in 1996, her last full year with the company.
  • The station is unstaffed and consists of a single platform and shelter, a short walk from the "CalMac" terminal building.
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