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  • Though after getting some space between the two girls things managed to calm down.
  • He remained calm and was quiet and would sleep through the entire show.
  • Then she calmed down and said she would have my line seen to. Cited from Punch, Vol. 156, March 12, 1919, Ed. by Sir Owen Seaman
  • In that five-year period, the prison had been described as relatively calm.
  • His health was bad, but his interest to national movement never calmed down.
  • It was quite an hour or two before they had all calmed down. Cited from By Berwen Banks, by Allen Raine
  • And the master, calmed by these words, stood looking at his own works. Cited from Woman Triumphant, by Vicente Blasco Ibanez
  • By speaking such words they calmed the majority, especially since they injured no one. Cited from Dio's Rome, by Cassius Dio
  • Even then it was not the fact that she had no son which calmed her. Cited from More Tish, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • We were trying to calm things down a bit though.
  • I am calm, certain in my thoughts, and doing mathematics most of the time.
  • The island is a place of calm where all needs are provided and there is no pain or death.
  • Both in fighting and in everyday life you should be determined though calm.
  • Most believed that once the initial violence calmed down they would be allowed to return.
  • She then attacked her own spouse as he attempted to calm her down.
  • It was not typical of him, he was a very calm person.
  • Upon their arrival, police said they found him to be "calm and collected".
  • He became very quiet, and it took him quite a while to work it out by himself and calm down.
  • And when he looked at her, calmed, he knew that he had done well for himself. Cited from The Card, A Story Of Adventure In The Five Towns, by Arnold Bennett
  • He endures the whole process until feeling able to stay calm throughout it.
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Meaning of calm

  • verb Make calm or still
    quiet the dragons of worry and fear
  • verb Become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation
    After the fight both men need to cool off., It took a while after the baby was born for things to settle down again.
  • adjective (of weather) free from storm or wind
    calm seas