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  • To date, this station never changed its callsign, nor has it ever changed its programming format.
  • But as noted above there was no station with this callsign in operation when the movie was made.
  • When the AM station was sold, the new owners were required to change the callsign.
  • It does not air its own broadcast callsign at all.
  • The station's callsign and launch date are yet to be announced.
  • The station then changed its callsign again four years later to KTAR-TV.
  • Because of this callsign change, they expanded their programming from sports-related shows to youth-oriented programs.
  • The station continued with the K-Rock brand through both callsign changes.
  • As such, the station no longer publicly uses its callsign.
  • One should always use one's own callsign when transmitting.
  • The station spent its first few years using the WSBA callsign of its predecessor.
  • During the flight, the aircraft used the callsign of "Navy One" for the first time.
  • When the President was aboard the aircraft used the callsign Air Force One.
  • The location and callsign were unknown until the first known voice broadcast of 1997.
  • A few months later, the station changed its callsign to WMAL-TV after its radio sisters.
  • Three years later, the station changed its callsign to KNAX under a religious format in Spanish.
  • Since then she has adopted the callsign: Mother-One.
  • WFTL was also the callsign of these formerly co-owned stations in South Florida.
  • Land mobile two-way (including public safety and business mobile) require station identifications by callsign.
  • Immediately prior to that, it was playing "beautiful music" under its previous WLQA callsign.
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