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  • Each calibre must be used in some type of competition to be allowed.
  • These ships made up for their smaller calibre guns by carrying larger numbers of them.
  • It is not professional but the teams and players play at a high calibre.
  • He wrote many masses and other church works which are of high calibre.
  • His main idea was that this ship would carry only one calibre of gun, the biggest.
  • Getting an actress of her calibre is not only difficult but also impossible.
  • The calibre and weight of guns could only increase so far.
  • Their gun calibre alone would have caused a new and more intensive naval arms race.
  • Such weapons have a relatively short range, but are usually less complex than similar calibre field artillery.
  • This is especially true when fired from small to medium calibre weapon systems.
  • But later they will find their way into small calibre firearms.
  • Up till then naval powers had developed ships with a mixture of guns with different calibres.
  • The league continued to improve with higher calibre players joining the league.
  • His works have been performed by international calibre artists.
  • It will probably first be made available for large calibre riot-guns.
  • One of their first tasks was to find the best possible calibre for the new weapon.
  • The design process for these ships often included discussion of an 'all-big-gun one-calibre' alternative.
  • This space could also be used for light calibre infantry.
  • The party needed to find a leader with a recognised calibre in politics.
  • Their guns were mostly replaced in a similar fashion to the previous sub-classes, with smaller calibre weapons.
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