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  • The number of smaller caliber anti-aircraft guns would have also been increased.
  • One local hospital reported two students wounded with large caliber rifles as well.
  • Caliber ultimately published only three issues of the four issue series.
  • He knew little about firearms, but did know that he would need a large caliber gun.
  • This resulted in the development of many types and calibers of anti-aircraft and anti-ship guns.
  • Particular care should be taken to determine the actual caliber of such guns before firing them.
  • This was due in great part to the perceived caliber of the song score throughout the studio.
  • Today only a few, mostly for use in small-caliber guns, remain in general and widespread use.
  • Developments in the gun caliber had been taken into account in the construction by an increased ground cover.
  • Over the long period of development of the revolver, many calibers have been used.
  • It did not enter production due to the decision to use larger caliber cannons.
  • This shift represented a change in the philosophy of the military's long-held position about caliber size.
  • That's industry standard for a manager of my caliber.
  • The French had developed a prototype machine gun for an even larger caliber.
  • The different caliber bullets showed there had been several people involved.
  • More calibers are added to their production schedule each year.
  • Different watch manufacturers tend to use their own identification system to number their calibers.
  • Artillery is used in a variety of roles depending on its type and caliber.
  • He and Newton worked together to design some of the early calibers.
  • I have already indicated the best positions for the heavy calibers. Cited from The Art of War, by Baron Henri de Jomini
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