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  • For a long time, this limited the number of inhabitants living within the caldera.
  • Sometimes the latter are called caldera lakes, although often no distinction is made.
  • The caldera also hosts a few flowers and trees unique to the region.
  • Caldera had four children with his wife, who was also blind.
  • All the islands have disappeared due to wave action and caldera floor movements.
  • Access is by a public road running from northeast to southwest across the caldera.
  • The steep walk to the bottom of the caldera takes about half an hour.
  • Their central calderas are also quite large in proportion to their base diameters.
  • No historical records of its activity are available from this volcanic caldera.
  • This lake is approximately above sea level and estimated to be about deep; the caldera also contains hot springs.
  • The caldera floor is at about of elevation with the rim generally being several hundred feet higher.
  • No historical records are found from the caldera complex.
  • These ore bodies formed in different places along a ring fault in the caldera.
  • Over the following millennia the caldera filled with rain water forming today's lake.
  • It lies about south of the centre of the caldera.
  • Long after the eruption, this caldera may fill with water to become a lake.
  • It is the largest caldera lake in Japan in terms of surface area, and sixth largest lake in Japan.
  • Over the following millennium, the caldera was filled with rain water forming today's lake.
  • Using the third route, the caldera is accessible only by foot.
  • The caldera itself is approximately deep, wide, and across.
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Meaning of caldera

  • noun A large crater caused by the violent explosion of a volcano that collapses into a depression