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  • One example of calcite raft formation in a spring-fed river system has been reported.
  • Large calcite crystals have been collected from the railroad cut along the base.
  • On the other hand animals that first appeared in the following Tommotian age used another form, calcite.
  • Calcite is a simple and standard material on earth and has been mined for centuries.
  • The bright white color of the rock walls is due to the presence of calcite and limestone.
  • Their progress was stopped by a large calcite wall.
  • The source of the calcite is underground water, which flow into the lake in significant quantity.
  • In this picture we can see calcite crystal laid upon a paper with some letters showing the double refraction.
  • Of the two, calcite gives better results and is widely used by experienced gemologists.
  • Each subsequent drop that forms and falls deposits another calcite ring.
  • The second factor has to do with the particular form in which calcite crystallizes.
  • They used clear calcite crystals to form the lenses of their eyes.
  • These names are derived from the white yellowish stone called calcite which very similar to alabaster.
  • The disks were made of hard calcite, which has formed most of today's limestone.
  • Evidence of calcite rafts has been found in limestone caves all over the world.
  • Their shells were made of calcite extracted from the rich sea-water.
  • They made a horn-shaped skeleton out of calcite, adding a new layer every year.
  • The Rogers City area continued to develop and grow as the Calcite Plant grew.
  • The ores of calcite first mentioned are very conspicuous, they being white in the dense black rock. Cited from Scientific American Sup. No. 344, by Various
  • When the drop of water falls on the floor, the calcite takes the shape of a stalagmite.
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Meaning of calcite

  • noun A common mineral consisting of crystallized calcium carbonate; a major constituent of limestone