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  • CAFE's activities and events have been the subject of much media attention.
  • A children's soft play area and cafe provide non-sports based facilities.
  • The post office houses a cafe which serves as a local meeting place.
  • He also worked at a cafe on campus to help support himself.
  • The town's central library and a cafe also form part of the complex.
  • In the south west corner there is also a cafe and a club museum.
  • In need of money, she ends up getting a job at a cafe.
  • The post office in the village serves also as the local shop and cafe.
  • A single road runs through this small village passing a farm, a cafe-bar and a church.
  • This time the town lost the post office, a drug store and a cafe.
  • Internet cafes can be found in various places in within the city.
  • The owner of a cafe told him that his songs were not the type he was looking for.
  • When we used to go there, we referred to the place as Cafe Dead.
  • It was little more than a cafe in its food selection and atmosphere.
  • Other events might be much smaller acoustic nights run more like a cafe.
  • While there, he found himself at the center of the New York cafe poetry scene.
  • He is not just seeking the opportunity of sitting down in a cafe where white people eat.
  • The two start meeting in cafes all over the town.
  • You can walk around town, eat at the cafe, or watch the trains go by.
  • There is a small cafe, and a post office by the museum.
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Meaning of cafe

  • noun A small restaurant where drinks and snacks are sold